5 Reasons Why Blogging Will Enhance Your Professional Development


Professionals spend their working day looking at their computer screen and in their free time, they’re probably looking at their smartphone. Therefore, the last thing you will want to do when you get home from work is to write a blog about what you did that day.

This may be the case for some, but would you turn down a training course out of work hours if it means you would become more employable? Probably not. There are lots of reasons why you start blogging, but let’s get started with five and how they will help you develop professionally.

Share Your Knowledge with Other Professionals

Blogging is a great way to network. By sharing your knowledge and opinion with others you are opening yourself to both compliments and constructive criticism. The constructive critics will help you develop as a professional. Learning from your mistakes for many is the best way to learn, think of that silver lining!

On a more positive note, you may be getting noticed for all of the right reasons. This could lead to promotion and more job opportunities externally.


Impress Employers

Blogger and marketer Adam Connell have said that blogging has helped him achieve the role he has always dreamed of. He says that even though he never had as good as qualifications as the other candidates applying his “experience as a blogger” and passion for developing was his employer’s decision-maker.

Clear Your Head by Writing It Down

94% of people who share posts do so because they think it might be helpful to others. Many use blogging to de-stress. Professionals use blogging to organise and explore their thoughts better. It can be extremely productive to write a blog about what you have learned as you can always look back on it if you have forgotten anything.

Something that you have learned may be interesting to someone else who want to learn it, therefore you are doing someone else a favour while you are at it.

Reflect on A Professional Blog

At this time of year, we often look back on our achievements. This motivates us to create new goals for the forthcoming goals. It is important that you document goals and achievements as it will remind you of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

Learn new skills

Every day is a school day, right? This couldn’t be truer for bloggers. Once you start blogging, opportunities will open up for you, without you even looking. You will also pick up new skills along the way. By blogging you will start to feel more confident with the following:


Make sure you are sharing your blogs online and promoting your work. Platforms such as LinkedIn are great places to share your blogs as they will reach much further than just your followers.

Starting a blog is easy and it can also be free! Web sites such as blogger and WordPress allow users to create content for free under their domains! Reading up is the first step and there are also lots of great blogs out there that will help you along the way.