How You Can Be Safe Online

Don’t Overshare

When you share information online, it’s possible for other people to see it. So, it’s important to be aware of what you share and why you want to. This can help you avoid spreading harmful content or sharing things that might frighten or bully others.

Personal Privacy

One of the easiest ways to be safe online is to avoid giving out any personal information. That includes things like your name, age, address and phone number. Also, keep your passwords secret and don’t use the same password for everything.


Passwords are a key part of your online security. They protect your social media, banking and streaming accounts from hackers and prevent them from stealing your data.

However, many people make mistakes with passwords that increase their risk of being hacked. Strong passwords are long, hard to guess and unique.

Device Security

Keeping your devices secure can help keep you safe online. Whether it’s your cell phone, tablet or laptop, it needs to be protected.

You can protect your devices by updating their operating systems and applications regularly. This can prevent hackers from exploiting flaws in your software and stealing data.

It also means that your computer and all its programs are up-to-date with the latest security patches.