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In recent times we have seen a revival in traditional fireplaces and wood burning stoves in Glasgow featuring in homes and even in business establishments. In today’s modern times we no longer depend on the burning of raw materials for heat or light as electricity is a common amenity for nearly everyone. In Glasgow in particular the feature of a fireplace as part of the interior aesthetic is standard for many businesses based in the city centre due to the vast 19th century Victorian architecture. The ubiquitous and famous Glasgow tenements all have large fireplaces, many of which have been maintained throughout the years. If you enter any business based on the first floor or above on Bath Street or Sandyford Place just to name a few you will find most have the original fireplace intact. Therefore it is not surprising that the fireplace has been revived as a sought after piece for domestic interiors in Glasgow.

open flame in wood burning stove Glasgow

Fireplaces Vs Stoves Glasgow

The fireplace trend can be seen as a consequence of the desire to bring warmth and comfort back to the home. What was once seen as dated, is now in many social groups considered elegant and sophisticated. However it isn’t always possible for houses, especially new builds to have a fireplace installed. Plus there is the general maintenance of a fireplace and chimney which many homeowners don’t want to commit to. As a modern alternative, the wood burning stoves in Glasgow has seen an influx in sales. Stoves in Glasgow are a lot easier to maintain as the flue system is well sealed and often is led through the side of the home. The authentic crackling of the fire and golden glow from the flame is still in full effect yet there is no need to invest in chimney sweeping services and no need to worry about a draft setting in.

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Where to Go for Stoves Glasgow

If you are interested in have a stove installed in your home in Glasgow, there are many companies willing and ready to take on your project. This family run business has over twelve years in stove and fireplace design and installation. They have a talented team of specialist trained and veteran installers who know all things related to chimney structure, roofing maintenance, fireplace design and textiles, modern stove installation and flue engineers. Quality work is guaranteed plus they love a challenge are willing to try out new ideas while bringing your dream stove to life.