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Our team is always on the lookout for guest authors to share their business tips and professional advice. We are currently taking articles on design, business, marketing, and branding. As our list of writers expand we hope to grow a wider audience on our blog.

Interested? Write for us!

We aim to publish fresh content every week, and we would love for you to join us, but first of all, check out our writer’s guidelines:

What type of content do we look for?

Our website will only publish, genuine, quality material. We are looking for writers who will share helpful content. Our website loves working with guest writers, however, we do aim to be at the forefront of reputable knowledge for business and design.

What kind of content are we looking to publish?

We are extremely flexible with our writers, therefore we will accept everything and anything that related to career, business, marketing, and design.

Our readers love hints and tips, therefore the more articles, the merrier! Do you have experts tips you’d love to share with others in the industry? Our website is an excellent platform to show off your individual skills.

If you are experienced in your sector and have a list of tried and tested methods that you can’t keep to yourself, we would love to see it! Our website is keen to share industry-based content.

Before sending us your piece, make sure you include all relevant images, infographics, screenshots as individual files.

We are looking for articles that are both spellchecked and formatted. Unique titles are a plus! We will not share copies of articles you have found on the web.

Write for Us Guide

  • We love fresh, professional content with a friendly tone. Give us conversational content that our readers will love.
  • Blogs must be a minimum of 500 words, but an article with more is better.
  • Make sure you are citing the sources you use.
  • Links must all be relevant to the article
  • Maximum of 1 link per article.

Contributor Expectations

We expect that all of our writers have a real passion for business and design news.  We want to build an online community that thrives on passion, therefore it is important that you share news with our readers, that will really connect with them.

All of our writers should include an author bio and add links to your social media accounts

Why you should become a contributor to our blog:

We believe that credit is due, for all of the work our writers have put in to their blog posts. That is why you will receive full credit for your piece of work. We want to thank all of our writers for the efforts they have put into their submissions.

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